Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Process

You can customize your hats with patches featuring your logo. Our online customization tool lets you upload your logo and create your patch seamlessly. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Choose Your Hat: Select the perfect hat style from our diverse collection to match your branding or personal taste.
  2. Choose Your Patch Style: Select from a variety of patch styles, including PVC, Embroidered, Woven, Leather, and Sublimated patches.
  3. Upload Your Logo: Navigate to our logo upload section and upload your logo file. We recommend uploading your logo in PNG or JPEG format for optimal results.
  4. Preview Your Design: After uploading your logo, our tool lets you preview it directly on your selected hat. The preview tool offers a visualization of the design but not the final patch that will incorporate the design.

We will send you a design proof for a digital version of your custom logo hat for confirmation before production.

Ordering custom patch hats online is simple! First, select the hat you like, then customize it with a patch style according to your preference. Once you're done, add it to your cart and checkout. If you need any customizations beyond our standard options, please click here to request a custom plus quote by filling out our custom plus quote form. We'll be happy to help you with your unique requirements.

Our website has a straightforward Online Ordering process to make your purchase experience easy. You can pick a hat style and color, patch style and shape, upload your design, and choose an attachment method, all on our website. You'll get an immediate price based on the amount you order. This is perfect for simple orders, but you can't mix hat or patch colors, design colors, or ask for a design proof before paying. However, we'll send you a design proof within 24 hours of your order to confirm your design before production starts. Click here to place an online order.

Custom Plus Quote is designed for those seeking comprehensive customization options. Whether you're aiming to blend hat colors or styles, need various patch colors, want to create a new design from scratch, or desire a design proof to visualize your custom patch logo on the hat before placing an order, we have you covered. This ensures that we can accommodate any customization request, no matter how complex. Click here to request a quote.

Our turnaround time for custom patch hats varies by customization type. After you approve your design proof, it takes approximately 3 weeks to produce custom hats with leather, embroidered, sublimated, and woven patches. Custom hats with PVC patches require about 4 weeks due to their complexity. Once production is complete, we will promptly ship your order to you.

Yes, with a minimum of 12 hats per color/style. For such orders, please click here to request a custom plus quote to ensure your specific needs are met.

Unfortunately, No. Please ensure you are confident in your hat selections before finalizing your payment. If you have any questions or need further assistance with your selection, please contact us at

The price of custom patch hats depends on the chosen hat styles, quantity, and customization options. The cost is calculated based on the order volume, which means that the larger the order, the lower the cost per unit. Before adding them to your cart, you can view real-time price estimates for custom patch hats based on the selected quantities on product pages.

Design and Customization

We ensure color accuracy in our patches using the Pantone color palette for PVC patches and matching thread colors for embroidered and woven patches. If you have a full-color logo, we recommend opting for sublimated patches to match your design. Before production starts, we will email you proof of your design, displaying the actual thread or Pantone colors used. You will have the opportunity to approve the design proof to ensure it matches your vision.

Absolutely! You can choose multiple colors for your patches with no additional charge for extra colors, depending on the type:

  • Embroidered and Woven Patches: Up to 9 colors available for detailed artwork.
  • Sublimated Patches: Enjoy unlimited color options for complex and full-color images.
  • Leather Patches: These come in a single color with an elegant embossed design.
  • PVC Patches: Opt for up to 12 colors to create vibrant designs.

Enjoy the freedom to design your patches in multiple colors without worrying about extra costs.

Heat pressing and hand stitching are two distinct patch attachment methods we offer. Heat pressing is our most popular choice, which provides a modern, clean look. It is also highly durable and suitable for everyday practical use.

Hand stitching, performed by our skilled in-house team, offers a classic, custom feel, ensuring the patch lasts as long as the hat. It adds a touch of durability and quality, making the product feel uniquely crafted.

Changing your patch design is possible, but only before approving the design proof. Switching between embroidery, woven, or sublimated designs is possible, depending on clarity needs. Changes from fabric to PVC or leather patches will incur fees due to their mold-based production. Minor adjustments like color changes are manageable without significant delays. We'll issue a new invoice for added costs or refund for reduced costs. However, please keep in mind that frequent changes may cause delays to your project.

Our in-house designers are skilled at adjusting designs to fit within your chosen custom patch shape, ensuring your vision comes to life just as you imagined.

Design Proof

Our top priority is to provide you with an efficient and seamless experience. Once you place your order, you expect to receive an official design proof within 24 hours. This prompt service ensures that you have a clear idea of what the final product with your logo will look like, provided that you are responsive to our communications.

If you want to see a preview of your custom patch design before placing an order, you can request a pre-order design proof. To do this, click here for a custom plus quote. We will provide a detailed preview to ensure your design meets your expectations. However, if you already know what you want, we encourage you to order online as it is the quickest and easiest option.

Payment and Sales Tax

We'll process your card to reserve the amount upon order submission. If we don’t have the ordered hat styles or colors in stock, you can get a full refund or change your hat color or selection. If you don’t feel comfortable placing an online order before seeing your design proof, click here for a custom plus quote.

If you have a resale certificate, we encourage you to create an account with us and send the Resale Certificate before placing your order. By doing so, you will be exempt from sales tax. This process ensures that your transactions comply with tax regulations while facilitating a smooth purchasing experience.

Shipping and Delivery

Yes! If you need to update your shipping address after placing an order, please email us at Our aim is to assist you in making sure that your order gets delivered to the right place

Returns and Refunds

We recommend against machine washing your hats as it can cause damage. For maintenance:

  • Avoid washing machines or dishwashers. Use spot cleaning or gentle hand washing with clothing detergent for minor stains.
  • For cotton hats, occasional gentle hand washing is okay, but beware of sweat stains and fading over time.
  • Polyester hats can be rinsed in the sink or shower after use, with spot cleaning as needed.
  • Always air dry hats; never use a dryer.
  • Be cautious with leather patches; avoid soaking to prevent staining and warping.

Our design and finish-stitching operations are based in Door County, Wisconsin, but we source materials globally to ensure high-quality products.

Yes, you are free to brand and resell your hats. If you're a reseller, please send us your Resale Certificate before placing an order. It's important to note that some brands may have specific restrictions on branding. Therefore, we advise discussing your design ideas with us beforehand to ensure compliance with any brand requirements. If you have further questions or need clarification, please contact us at